Meeting Dates

All webconferences begin at 12 noon Eastern unless noted below and are also both recorded and summarized for our international members and those with schedule conflicts.

2018:   1/22, 2/12, 3/19, 4/16, 5/14, 6/18, 7/16, 8/20, 9/17, 10/15, 11/26 (2 pm), 12/10.
2019:   1/21, 2/18, 3/18, 4/15, 5/13, 6/17, 7/15, 8/19, 9/16, 10/21, 11/18, 12/16.
2020:   1/20, 2/10, 3/16, 4/20, 5/11, 6/15, 7/20, 8/17, 9/21, 10/19, 11/16, 12/14.

Meeting Topics and Discussion Leaders.

Any missed? Available on the member portal in both video and PDF summaries.

IBM, Lou Ferretti, Director of Global Procurement.
  Discussing: "Global Supply Social & Environmental Management System and Requirements for Suppliers."

ConAgra Foods, D.K. Singh, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Procurement.
  Discussing: "How to Partner with Suppliers."

Home Depot, Susan O'Farrell, Chief Procurement Officer.
  Discussing: "Spend Management & Opportunity Assessment."

Siemens, Carl Oberland, Vice President, Supply Chain Management.
  Discussing: "A Supply Chain Financing Payment Term Initiative."

Marriott International, Stephane Masson, Vice President, Global Procurement.
  Discussing: "Latest Issues Relating to Global Procurement."

Cox, Mike Mannheimer, VP and Chief Procurement Officer.
  Discussing: "Green Procurement."

Pepsi, Russ Wood, Director of Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing.
  Discussing: "Corporate Social Responsibility Collaboration."

Four Season Hotel-Boston, Kevin Burke, Director of Purchasing.
  Discussing: "Maintaining Relationships with Important Business Partners."

Novell, Eric Thomas, Director of Global Sourcing and Procurement.
  Discussing: "Partnering with Suppliers."

McGraw Hill, Kevin Giblin, VP of Procurement.
  Discussing: "Supplier Maturity."

La-Z-Boy, Mark Hellwig, VP of Corporate Fabric Procurement.
  Discussing: "Balancing Import vs. Domestic Sourcing."

Clorox, John Wooten, Senior Manager of Logistics Procurement.
  Discussing: "Transportation Sourcing for the Long Run."

Wells Fargo, Derek Cantey, Senior Sourcing Manager.
  Discussing: "The Changing Landscape for Supply Diversity."

Waste Management, Bryan Kirk.
  Discussing: "Finding Savings in Utility Purchasing."

Oracle, David Hope-Ross, Director of Purchasing.
  Discussing: "Marketing Skills Procurement Professionals Can Really Use."

Novell Incorporated, Eric Thomas, Director of Sourcing and Procurement.
  Discussing: "Partnering With Suppliers."

Department of Homeland Security, Mui Erkun, Procurement Ombudsman and Industry Liason.
  Discussing: "Government Procurement Lessons."

DHL Express, Charles Brewer, Sr.V.P. and General Manager.
  Discussing: "Sailing Through the Downturn-The Art of Supply Chain Management."

Applebee's Services, Sam Rothschild, Sr. VP Operations.
  Discussing: "Shared Services - Overview of Opportunity."

Apollo Group, Patrick Bliss, Director for Partnership Strategy.
  Discussing: "Developing an Effective Procurement Plan."

Lear, Eric Schwarz, VP Global Purchasing.
  Discussing: "VA/VE With Suppliers."

IBM, Lou Ferretti, Project Executive, Center of Excellence.
  Discussing: "Global Supply Demonstrating Social & Environmental Leadership Across The Supply Chain."

University of Missouri, Daryl Hodnett, Director-Supplier Diversity and Small Business Dev Program.
  Discussing: "Supplier Diversity in the Procurement Process."

Dell, Adam Bushong, Global Commodity Manager.
  Discussing: "Will You Ride the Sustainability Wave, or Be Crushed by It?"

Mayo Clinic, Bruce Mairose, Vice Chair Supply Chain Management.
  Discussing: "Transformation in a Large Integrated Delivery Network."

Thomson Reuters, Ainhoa Sola, Strategic Sourcing Regional Director.
  Discussing: "Category Management: A Practical Example."

Sage, Teresa Applegate, Director of Strategic Sourcing.
  Discussing: "Strategic Sourcing Transformation."

Diebold, Josh Kaiman, Sourcing Manager, Managed and Integrated Services.
  Discussing: "Addressing Strategic Sourcing Challenges and Applying Best Practices."

Johnson Controls, Reginald K. Layton, Director, Diversity Business Development.
  Discussing: "Supplier Diversity Best Practices."

BidSync/Novatus, Jon Moody, VP Sales and Ryan Tohill, VP Sales.
  Discussing: "Contract Management in the Cloud."

Novartis, Giles Breault, Head of Global Productivity and Business Services.
  Discussing: "Is Sourcing Living up to it's Full Potential?"

NVIDIA, Michael Glass, Global Procurement Manager.
  Discussing: "Analytics and Metrics."

Gallup Government, William Kruse, Vice President Legal Associate Counsel.
  Discussing: "Creating and Managing an Audit Proof Subcontractor plan."

Accenture, Robert Forrest, Senior Director, Procurement Costing.
  Discussing: "Expanding Sourcing's Impact Through Complexity Management."

The Hackett Group, Chris Sawchuk, Principle and Global Procurement Practice Leader.
  Discussing: "Driving Value in Uncertain Times."

U.S.BanCorp, Robin M. Billups, Supplier Diversity Manager.
  Discussing: "Corporate Procurement Supplier Diversity/Supplier Development."

KLA Tencor, Scott Paull.
  Discussing: "Managing Competitive Risks in Supplier Partnerships."

Spherion Franchise/License Division, Patti Dunning, Regional VP.
  Discussing: "Understand and Manage the Generations."

Sun Trust Bank, Ron Reighter, VP Global Trade Solutions.
  Discussing: "International and Domestic Supply Chain Best Practices."

Microsoft, John Stephens, Senior Director of Marketing Procurement.
  Discussing: "Communicating Procurement Value Branding the Discipline Internally."

Northrop Grumman, Andrew Toache, Manager, Procurement Operations and Supply Chain.
  Discussing: "Managing Supplier Performance."

Ball Plastics Corporation, Fred Kuepper, Purchasing Manager for Ball Plastics Container Operations.
  Discussing: "Purchasing Best Practices and the Importance of Partnering with Suppliers."

Quadrem International, Brandon Spear, Senior Vice President - Operations.
  Discussing: "Mastering Inventory Management."

Department of Homeland Security, Mui Erkun, Procurement Ombudsman.
  Discussing: "Acquisition Programs."

Roadway, Bhadresh Sutaria, CFO of Meridian IQ.
  Discussing: "Leveraging Your Supply Chain to Optimize Financial Performance and Shareholder Value."

Department of Energy, Frank Spampinato, Chief Acquisition Officer.
  Discussing: "Current Issues in the Acquisition Workforce."

Stanley-Bostitch, John Martino VP Supply Chain Management.
  Discussing: "Supply Management Best Practice - 4 Steps to Success."

Aberdeen Group, Beth Enslow, SVP Enterprise Research.
  Discussing: "Global Purchasing: Avoiding Supply Chain and Finance Mistakes."

Cataphora, Sonya L. Sigler, General Counsel.
  Discussing: "Selecting a Vendor."

YRC Worldwide, Keith Prather, Director of Strategic Market Planning.
  Discussing: "Cultivating a Strategic Procurement Perspective."

IBM, Louis R. Ferretti, Director of Global Procurement.
  Discussing: "Procurement Strategies and Thoughts."

Owens Corning, Kerry Desberg, Global Manager of Business Media Relations.
  Discussing: "Do You Have a Green Backbone? The World of Sustainability."

LexisNexis, Michael Frankel, Senior Vice President Finance and M&A.
  Discussing: "Balancing P&L Verses Balance Sheet in Choosing Acquisition vs. Building."

Stanley Bostitch, John Martino, Director Global Supply Chain Management.
  Discussing: "Supply Management Best Practice: 4-steps to Success."

Diebold, Michael Rager, VP Procurement.
  Discussing: "Ways to Improve Purchasing Performance."

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